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The technology that lies behind Infima Compression Library SDK represents a breakthrough in the field of data compression. This breakthrough allows Infima Compression Library SDK to embed a new data compression technology which allows both very high compression ratios/rates as well as re-compression of uncompressible data set such as: JPEG files by an average of 30% without causing any additional loss in image quality. Infima Compression Library SDK is able to yield high compression ratios on data sets that Zip is typically not able to compress at all. Whether on the Desktop, in an Enterprise environment, or on the go, Infima Compression Library technology provides an important new tool for those looking to reduce storage and bandwidth costs. Infima Technologies offers your end-users dramatically improved, high-speed performance on bandwidth-constrained wireline, wireless and satellite WAN access. From an ROI standpoint, your business will realize greater productivity, lower costs and improved customer responsiveness as a direct result. For wireless pay-per-use plans based on MB data throughput, infima compression engine significantly reduces data usage.

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